Gospel Comedy, Digital TV



Anointed 2 Laugh


Baltimore, Maryland




As a former "Class Clown", Tanya realized her talent to entertain but never acted upon it until she attended a “Live Your Dreams” Event. While at this event, God revealed to her that she possessed a gift that would be used to honor Him and impact the lives of others. Tanya has always used her sense of humor to capture the attention of others as well ats establish new relationships.

Graced with the spirit of heaviness, this anointed woman of God has an incredible stage presence, a natural gift, bold confidence and a great personality. You might find her cracking a joke anywhere or showing out at one of her performances. To get a preview of her talents, go on Facebook where she has a comedy page, “Comedienne Tanya Lewis”.

Tanya’s performance will have you cracking up as she shares her experiences of how she joined the church, getting the Holy Ghost and the song that she wrote about being fit for the Kingdom. She does it with such style, class and confidence that her audiences feel as if they are part of the act. Tanya is an all-around entertainer. She participates in the performing arts ministry at Victory Christians Ministries International where she is a faithful member.