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Film, Gospel Stage Plays, Televison



Dallas, Texas




Snoop Robinson is a multi-talented, multi-faceted pro-fessional with a vibrant work ethic and a penchant for perfection. A quick glance at his impressive resume reveals his expertise as an actor, director, and musician. Snoop has proven his acumen in both comedic and dramatic roles. Additionally, he has developed concepts, created scripts, and designed stage settings. He possesses the requisite skills to perform proficiently in several areas in the entertainment industry. Snoop Robinson
A native of Dallas, Texas, Snoop discovered his passion for the arts at an early age. His childhood dreams were to become a professional football player and an actor. Not only did he mold his craft by practice and performance, in addition, he studied the best in the industry as a continuum to his personal development. Now football―that’s another story!

In September of 2015, Snoop’s most recent film, Her Eyez, received the 2015 Best Short Film Award Of The Year as well as Snoop the 2015 Excellency Award Of The Year―both were featured on the Cable News Network (CNN) website. The time and energy he has put into his craft is constantly being reviewed and awarded. Snoop continues to stay at the helm of the entertainment industry with films like Bold Evil Liar, Snoop Robinson’s Sinful Confession, Racial Conscience and She’s Not Our Sister, the stage play.

In February of 2011, Snoop produced and directed, She’s Not Our Sister the stage play, which attracted more than 4,000 patrons on opening night; resulting in a sellout crowd and an immediate opportunity to have the stage play filmed for television. The Gospel Music Channel (GMC) acquired She’s Not Our Sister. GMC debuted the broadcast version of the play on June 25th. She’s Not Our Sister helmed as the top rated show in GMC network history, which Snoop also directed. Due to the success of this show, it was then turned into a GMC TV and Swirl Films’ scripted television series, She’s Still Not My Sister, starring Kellita Smith and Jackee Harry.