B+LOCKED The Series Coming Soon to a network near you. In a Facebook post producer Antreece Jones wrote:

"I have poured my heart into writing, directing, and producing this tv series, while sacrificing with my family.... I wanted to go bigger, bigger than the norm, this project is bigger than me and I put it all in God’s hands to move on my behalf. My team is working hard behind the scenes and I truly believe that this tv series is going to touch the world... I want to thank those of you who continue to support me and all of my angels that are assigned to me.. thank you for adhering to the voice of God and moving on my behalf.. I pray that as I continue to walk in my purpose that I can be a light in my city and reveal the hidden talent in Fort Worth.. please pray for everyone that’s a part of this tv series with Anntreece Jones Productions... it’s only up from here~

To my amazing film crew, management, PR, cast... and my husband & children.. thank you for believing in the vision and standing by me.. I love you all."


Our mission is to shine the light on the stars in the church community, celebrating church culture through arts & entertainment from local entertainers all around the world.  


We strive to make the theatrical arts just as popular as gospel music by sharing entertainment news on our website, news show, yearly awards show, and now with the creation of a streaming network coming July 2021. 


Our brands specific reach serves the gospel church community, understanding entertainment just the way our audience likes it.  

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