Healing 4 Your Soul Productions gears up for "The Family", the hit gospel stage play that is already sold out. Showing September 11, 2021 in Richmond, Virginia under the direction of Bishop Douglas Joyner. We wanted to find out more about this amazing playwright. Here's what Bishop Joyner had to say:

How did your journey begin as a playwright?

My journey as a playwright began by writing a monologue for my stepdaughter in which it turned into my first successful stage play. Although I have a degree in english I have never or desired to write a play. It's kind of funny I was writing the play to show my wife that it wasn't as easy as she thought it was, but the more I wrote the more I put more into it or better yet what God had placed in me began to pour out.

When you sit down to write your plays, how often is your message based off of something you’ve been through?

Majority of my plays are things I may have experienced and things around me. I call my writing reality therapy. Because it is a way for me to heal from my past hurts and help others to do the same. Because laughter is healing for the soul. So I start writing to be honest from a hurtful place being fully transparent.

What are the types of messages you like your audiences to walk away with?

The messages that I desire the people to walk away with are the nuggets that will help lead or help start the walk of self healing through laughter and seeing yourself through the eyes of the cast. I feel that self accountability is important.

What was the inspiration for your upcoming play “The Family”?

The inspiration for the play The Family came from true experiences or life feelings of how it seems to be with families today. Really examining what family is and do we really know what that word means. Also it's a search to find what family really means for me and what I desire it to look like compared to what I have seen most of my life.

What is it like seeing your work come to life?

Seeing it come to life is something simply amazing really especially with this second production. Because our first production was really low budget from a cost or stage play point. Then going from that to a full theater and looking out seeing where you came from off of Gods vision and purpose for your life. then comes opening night and God shows you that because you believed and fought through giving up you only have just scratched the surface. I'm very humbled and still get choked up thinking about where we came from and even where it is going.

Tell us a little bit about this group of actors?

Our next showing of The Family can be seen live virtually Sept.11,2021 at 7pm by going to purchase a ticket or tickets by going to the facebook page-Healing 4 Ur Soul Productions or if you wanted to venture out to see it in person on the same day at the Grace Street Theater in Richmond Va in which right now we are only allowing 42 people in person and you can go to eventbrite to purchase your in person tickets by searching "The Hit Gospel Stage Play "The Family".

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Please if we are in your area for future productions come out and support you won't be disappointed. And we can't wait to come share the experience of our productions with you. God Bless.

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