Michael BIG HUSKY Roebuck brings Last Remnant Radio to the masses with the best in family and faith-based content and anybody that already follows Big Husky knows he's bringing the comedy. Hitting the airwaves just a couple of weeks ago out of Dallas, Texas, you can tune in and listen from anywhere at We talked with Big Husky about his new station and here's what he had to say:

Comedian, actor, radio host, now owner of Last Remnant Radio, tell us what led you to a career in radio?

Well to be honest my friend Mr. E at the time we used to hang out and when I’d take him home and we’d have these 2 hour conversations and we said we should have a radio show, well he went to an event I was supposed to do comedy at and I didn’t go I was tired. Well he went and end up talking to the guy who was the GM of 720AM the Rock Ross Wheeler. He gave us 3 days to put together a show and we called it D & E The Unspoken Truth our topic was Men Be A Man & Ladies Give The Backbone Back. The rest was history.

How would you describe your first radio gig?

Back then it was hell if we’re asking how I felt then but if you asking now it taught me so many things that I use today. Lost a lot with radio being the spotlight.

What can the audience expect from Last Remnant Radio? will have great shows about movies and music show like The Review With Jason Carter, The Well with Breai Johnson, Hangin With The Stinsons, Fincher Freedom, Te Amo, The Safe Place with the Brooks etc. A bunch of good fun, Jesus and of course shenanigans. We’ll help small businesses, begin a entertainment academy, and of course help our community in every way.

"Local local local" has always been radio's mantra. How will you keep your station visible and involved in the community?

Well you have to be out and about in your own community and then expand. Push God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a practical way to the masses.

What role will social media play in your process?

I mean social media is the cornerstone of the world right now so we’ll find ways to expand maximize all of the social media entities to the best of our abilities.

Who would your dream interview be?

Magic Johnson, Angela Bassett, Mya Moore, Denzel Washington, Bishop Jakes and Kirk Franklin are my dream interviews

Who were your mentors?

My cousin Big Tex, Sammy from FBRN, T and Raquel from and, Shelton Seworth, Kenny KJ and Lady TJ, Shannon Thomas and Carmina Barnett

How do you stay centered in your faith and keep God in the forefront?

My faith is all I have. My life has been a test of faith. Plus I don’t take myself so seriously and I know God for myself so being centered in Him won’t change.

What is the one truth that has held constant throughout your career?

An interview with me is unlike any other I pull the fun out of people and I push them to just be themselves especially when I say my intro THIS YOUR BOY DARNELL BIG HUSKY ROEBUCK DOIN IT LIVE ALL THE WAY BIG

What advice would you give someone who was trying to make the same kind of move that you have made?

Just do it. It’s your job to do the vision but it’s God’s job to provide the PROVISION. Have tunnel vision and be great at it failure or success.


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