Church Stars 2018 Stage Play of the Year Soul Purpose took the stage again in a powerful production based on 5 strong women who develop an unexpected sisterhood where they learn to lean on God and each other, becoming better and stronger together. Showing in Dallas Texas at Friendship West, Chericia Curtis production featured Church Stars 2016 Best Actress in a Stage Play CeCe Godbolt and 2018 Best Actor Julian Williams.


Our mission is to shine the light on the stars in the church community, celebrating church culture through arts & entertainment from local entertainers all around the world.  


We strive to make the theatrical arts just as popular as gospel music by sharing entertainment news on our website, news show, yearly awards show, and now with the creation of a streaming network coming July 2021. 


Our brands specific reach serves the gospel church community, understanding entertainment just the way our audience likes it.  

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