Elonda Brown and Archie Harrison Sr. founders of The Bless Group Inc., BGNTV Networks, BGNTV Presents and the BGNTV Quartet Channel proudly announce Dr. Mildred Summerville as President of their brand new sister station KNTV Networks.

Educator, Playwright, Producer - Dr. Mildred Summerville founded the James and Leanther Summerville Academy, an alternative school epitomizes her life’s dream to help the youth in her hometown Wilson, North Carolina. Equally as important, Dr. Summerville founded the Tall One Outreach Ministries which promotes the performing arts with a local talent show. Wilson Idol is a community talent show event showcasing performances exhibited through song, dance, instrumentation, and the spoken word.

The name “Tall One” is derived from a nickname bestowed upon Summerville by her pastor, Reverend Shirley Caesar, (Queen of Gospel), alluding to Summerville’s six-foot stature. Summerville is an active member of Mt. Calvary Word of Faith Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she serves as an Armor Bearer for Pastor Shirley Caesar. Church Stars reached out to Dr. Caesar and here's what she had to say about Dr. Summerville:

"I'm so glad to have Dr. Summerville as a part of my life, she is a blessing to Mount Calvary Word of Faith. I'm grateful to have her as my armor bearer and glad to be her Pastor. Her professionalism is what she's about and she is a blessing in her own ministries, especially with children and the youth. Dr. Summerville believes that Jesus plus education equals success."

Dr. Summerville was also nominated by Church Stars for Playwright of the Year for her hit gospel stage play “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child” in 2017.

Highly decorated with numerous awards like the President's Lifetime Achievement Award given during President Barack Obama’s Administration to name a few, Dr. Mildred Summerville is a force to be reckoned with, building up God's kingdom through Christian Arts and Entertainment.

We look forward to her tenure as President of KNTV Network.


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