Church Stars was excited about this interview in part because it is Comedienne Tanya Lewis's debut as a playwright and director and we know it will be awesome!

Church Stars caught up with Tanya and she shared her excitement about her debut stage play "TORN". She divulged to us that the story line is really about her life. She was inspired and given the title by God after penning the book "Restored", which discusses strongholds and other things He has delivered her from. Initially Tanya was confused about why God would give her a different title for the stage play, but it has since been revealed to her.

Tanya sums up the messages in "TORN" this way: "It shows what one can do when they allow God to totally heal and deliver them. It is an upfront and personal roadmap that takes you on a journey of leaving the shame and guilt of your past, in the past and teaches you to be mindful about not judging anyone. We never know the reason behind the decisions others have made".

We asked Tanya about the difference in performing comedy and directing a stage play where actors depict her personal life, to which she responded, "When doing comedy, I can take things that I have experienced and make others laugh and relate to it. With the play I am truly being more transparent and I’m trying with God’s help to set people free. The message is much bigger than me and I am able to convey in the play versus folks wanting to just be entertained. You are captive to all of your emotions as opposed to just laughter.

Tanya laments that in order to truly help the 28 actors convey her story, she had to be totally transparent to the point of crying and being healed during rehearsals. Things that she preferred to take to the grave, she found herself sharing. This enabled the cast to reveal more about some of their own personal issues which allowed them to act out Tanya's story on stage with conviction and truth that only Tanya herself could match.

Another thing that ministered to Tanya and the cast during rehearsals was that God is a deliverer and you may never know why people make the decisions they make; be slow to judge

The message that Tanya wants the audience to keep hearing in their spirit long after they've left the play is that "God Loves You, no matter what you've done, you can start over. God Can Heal You. You don't have to walk around in shame".

Be watching for more from this author and novice playwright. She plans to pen "Laugh The Pain Away" which will debut on stage in 2018".



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