If God tells her to, with no hesitation, she’s going to do it. Introducing Playwright Kyria Williams.

CS: Welcome to the Church Stars Network Kyria, as the newest member of the academy, tell us about your production company and how it started?

A: Thank you for having me, I’m honored to be a part of the Church Stars Network. The name of the production company is KMW Productions, which everyone assumes that KMW stands for Kyria Marie Williams, which is my full name, however, it stands for Kingdom Minded Woman.

Originally, KMW did stand for my name. But then, I had an event which included a husband and wife as MCs. They came to my house prior to the event to get a better understanding of the requirements for hosting. While at the. actual event, they were talking and one of the things they said was despite knowing that KMW was an acronym for my name, after talking with me and getting to know me better, it was clear to them that KMW stands for Kingdom Minded Woman. At that very moment, I knew it was God speaking through them, which supports what I've always wanted ; for the production company's focus to always be God's Kingdom and not me.

How we got started? KMW Productions is in existence, strictly out of obedience to God. I never had a desire to write anything, yet alone have a whole production company. I had been praying to God for a while about my purpose and what it is He would have me to do. I heard God in my spirit saying to write. I shared this with 2 people; my husband and my girlfriend Dionna , mainly because I had no clue what to write or where to even start. Well, my Pastor was teaching a message one Sunday morning, and in the message, he was talking about stepping out on faith, no matter what God has told you to do, trust him and go for it. He started giving different examples on what God could possibly be telling you to do and the first example he used was, I’m going to quote his exact sentence: “I don’t care what God is telling you to do, if He’s calling you to write then you write, if He’s calling you to” …… those dots are there, because after I heard that, I froze and I couldn’t tell you the next thing my Pastor said, because I was completely blown away. So, from there I stepped out on faith and started to write.

CS: We appreciate the work you are doing in your community, tell us a little bit about Kyria the playwright; do you have a specific ritual/habit that fuels your creativity?

A: Kyria is a completely sold out, uncompromising, bold woman of God, she is a happily married woman to her prince charming husband, LeConte (Trey) Williams & loving every minute of being a mom to her two children, Daughter, Sha’Kyra (18) and Son, Sharrod (13). I am also very active in my church home Ark of Safety Christian Church in St. Louis, MO in which I’ve been a member of for 11 years. I am a marriage advocate, love planning events, & spending quality time with my family.

Do I have a habit/ritual that fuels my creativity? Yes, attending my church home on a weekly basis & applying the teachings to my daily life definitely fuels my creativity. The productions that I write are inspired by the teachings of my Pastor, Raymond D. Horry, the things I’m learning, I take those things and write about them. One thing, my Pastor says that holds so much value is “Preaching Gets You Saved, Teaching Keeps You Saved”, which he teaches God’s uncompromising word, so there’s a little bit of preaching and a whole lot of teaching in KMW shows.

CS: We understand that you have an upcoming production coming up “The Wake Up Call”, without giving away too much, share a little about the story?

A: “The Wakeup Call” is a story about a young lady by the name of Stacy. Stacy attends church on a regular basis, Sunday services and bible studies, she participates in the reading of the church announcements, & wouldn’t miss church for the world. However, Stacy is straddling the fence, she’s living with her boyfriend, hanging out in the bars, smoking marijuana occasionally and drinks consistently. Stacy has one consistent prayer, and that is for her boyfriend Frank to at least attend church with her from time to time. Well, she finally gets her wish, he attends, but is she really ready for what she prayed for.

CS: What was the inspiration for this play?

A: Matthew Chapter 7 vs. 13 and 14 says, 13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

This scripture has stood out to me lately more than ever. There are so many believers that are traveling down the wide and broad road, including myself at one point of time. God put it on my heart to write about this using Stacy’s situation as an example, but definitely that’s not everyone’s story, but we all have something in our lives that we can let go of and surrender it over to God. So, the inspiration behind this show comes from the above-mentioned scripture as well as experience.

CS: We know that the majority of the time a play ministers first to the writer and then the cast. Can you share an example of how your play is touching the cast?

A: Absolutely, I have a great story to share. There’s a guy in my show by the name of Titus Reed, he was selected to play the role of Pastor Kempton. He took on that role with everything in him, listening to him deliver the message in the play, you literally feel as if you’re no longer at a play, but literally sitting in a for real live church service. Let’s just say that since he’s been a part of “The Wakeup Call”, he is now an ordained Deacon. His name is now Deacon Titus Reed. I love sharing that story!!

CS: What do you want your audiences to walk away with; what will their conversations be on the drive home from the play?

A: I want the audience to walk away having a genuine experience with the true and living God, experiencing Jesus Christ, like never before. The conversations on the drive home from the play will either be, “man, I really need to get my life together and surrender my ALL to God”, Or “wow, I’ve never been to a play that real & relevant, I’m still in awe”. Or “Oh my God, I love the way she shares her testimony at the end of the play, God has truly changed her life”

CS: What future productions can we look forward to from KMW Productions?

A: Right now, KMW Productions is gearing up for a production on April 30th, titled, “Moving Forward” a partnership with Moving4ward Ministries, in celebration of their 5-year ministry anniversary.

In February 2018, KMW Productions will bring to the stage, “Marriage Works, If, You Work It”, I also have another production in my spirit, titled, “His Will” that will be written soon. I have several more in my spirit, so be on the lookout, cause here we come…..



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