Church Stars recently chatted with Pastor Willie Brown and this was one of the most seamless interviews to date.

Since the age of 7 Pastor Willie D Brown knew that God had a calling on his life. He attended church regularly and even demanded that his friends go to church or they couldn't play with him. He started preaching when he was a mere 12 years old. And he's still preaching today as Senior Pastor at The Faith House in the state of Illinois.

Pastor Brown is also a Playwright and this past weekend his play, I Need You Now -

"Soon Ain't SOON Enough" premiered.

CS: You recently premiered your new stage play "I Need You Now - Soon Ain't SOON Enough". Was opening night everything you hoped for?

WDB: It was everything and then some.

CS: “Soon ain’t SOON Enough” really grabs your attention, what does it mean in the play?

WDB: Soon is never quick enough when we're in dire straits. We live in a microwave age where everyone wants what they want yesterday and the main character is stressed out. His wife dies from cancer, his 3 daughters are out of control and temptation is everywhere and he needs God to intervene immediately!

CS: How did you coach your cast to deliver this powerful message?

WDB: I really didn't have to. The main character was indeed overwhelmed.

CS: You shared with our President that you sponsored 50 kids that might not have a chanced to experience theatre, what was your mission with the kids and how did the play impact them?

WDB: They were blown away. they are children of single parents for various reasons. I allowed them to open up the show and they were ecstatic. to not only be on stage, but to have an audience supporting and cheering them on. My mission was to give them a night they'd never forget and even if they only had one night that week where they didn't have to worry about how/if they were going to eat and/or whether their mom would come home, it would be worth it. They were so happy, jumping all over me and thanking me. It was great!

CS: Do you have any rituals before, during or after you sit down to write a play...or a book. I read that you're an author.

WDB: Writing has always been in my blood. My grandmother taught me that if I speak well and do well, I can do anything. My plays always have an underlying message, so I don't really have a ritual other than ensuring that there is a clear message in each play.

CS: CEO/Founder and Writer-Director-Producer of WDB Professional Theatrical Touring Company (WDB), and Host/Producer of W.D.B. TEEN TALK TELEVISION; these are all positions/jobs that are very involved and consume much time and energy. How do you manage? How often/long do you tour? Do you ever get an opportunity to relax?

WDB I've been preaching since I was 12, so I know that is my priority and I've been blessed to go do my play on Friday or Saturday and I'm back at my church on Sunday. I love what I do.

CS: After 9 successful hit gospel stage plays, what do you think is a secret to success?

WDB: Each of my plays always has lessons and means , all of which can be applied to everyday life. I've never had to recruit anyone people come to me and there are kids just waiting to be of age so they can be in my plays. I travel with a full fledged band and great singers. I give people something they can relate to as well as solutions. In one word, I would say consistency.

CS: What advise would you give any up and coming Playwrights?

WDB: Be dedicated and consistent. Never give up. Maintain your standards. Stay focused and be faithful. I have been writing since 1989


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