Church Stars caught up with screenwriter, Ken Jenkins, who scripted the upcoming film,

"A Heart that Forgives".

CS: Congratulation on your upcoming film, " Tell us about the plot?

KJ: Let me give you a little background first. A good friend of mine, gospel recording artist, Kevin Levar wrote and recorded a phenomenal song, entitled A Heart That Forgives. He allowed me to listen to it and I was both moved and convicted as there were some personal things in my life that I needed to forgive.

Through the process of forgiveness, I began writing as therapy and with no thought or intention of penning my first film, what I thought would be yet, another book (I 've written 2) morphed into the gospel movie version of the Independent film, "Crash" in that the plot is comprised of several sub plots with one common theme; in this case the need to forgive and or be forgiven.

CS: Without giving anything away, what's your favorite line of dialogue?

KJ: "One man's discipline is another man's abuse".

CS: If you could play a character in the movie, who would it be and why?

KJ: I would play Emmanuel because, I can easily relate to his character, who is dealing with the death of his wife.

CS: What was most challenging about bringing this script to life.

KJ: Not being afraid to be vulnerable.

CS: We understand this is your first film so tell us what you've learned about filmmaking.

KJ: Everything from a - z. M.. Legend Brown who is the director of this film has been my silent mentor and help guide me through casting, negotiating contracts and just overall project management.

CS: What advice would you give someone considering making a film?

KJ: If you really feel it in your heart to tell your story, do whatever it takes. And don't give up.

CS: What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after viewing the movie?

KJ: Who has hurt them, and whether they deserve forgiveness. And then they'll think, "whether they deserve it or not, isn't about them. It's about me".

Ken Jenkins went to bed a married man and woke up a widower. He was in anguish not only because of what happened, but because he carried so much guilt, thinking that he could have/should have done something to prevent it, save her, etc.. "A Heart That Forgives" was birthed as a result of Ken's need to forgive himself.

For more information see: www.aheartthatforgives.com


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