We recently caught up with Racquel Marie Jones who gave us one of her electrifying testaments of faith and the faithfulness of God.

CS: We read your awesome testimony about how God healed your medical condition. How long had you dealt with your condition ?

RJ: Its been more than 10 years now, since God has literally given me a brand new heart. I laugh every time I say it because, the doctors told my aunt as he pointed to the x-rays “this heart right here aint even shaped the same way as the old one “

To be honest with you, I cant give you an accurate amount of time because I was going back and forth to the doctors just trying to rule out what was going on and for maybe 6 months, couldn’t get a real answer. All I remember so clearly is passing out and constantly being in a season of back to back dizzy spells. I passed out behind the wheel of a car in an intersection, and to this day all I know is that God must have clearly dispatched His angels because that’s still a blur just. I also passed out as I walked down a flight of stairs at St. John University (without breaking my neck) and that too is a blur. I remember passing out during one of my dress rehearsals for my first stage play and my cast members visiting me at the hospital. The drama goes on and on. BUT GOD healed me. The doctors said my heart could have stopped at any moment.

CS: How was your writing affected during the sickness?

RJ: My writing was never hindered at any season of my life cause writing and journaling has always been my go to. Writing is the catalysts that helped my heart and mind heal.

CS: After your healing, did you notice a difference in your writing process and the types of things you write about?

RJ: I wouldn’t say my heart condition impacted my writing. I would say my prayer life changed how I wrote. Prayer is not a monologue but a dialogue. And if we would allow God to counsel us and the Holy Spirit to inspire us who knows what creativity can transpire after leaving your secret place.

CS: Is their any one play that you've written since your healing, that embodies everything that you experienced during and after the illness?

RJ: My plays center around the dynamics of relationships. Relationships around family members, God and Man, Rich Man vs Poor Man, Unequally Yoked Relationships, Friendships etc.. and the dangers of those relationships when God is not the center. My plays are very faith based and inspirational.

CS: What was the biggest impact that your healing has had on your life; personally and creatively?

RJ: My healing was a testimony to me that GOD is a miracle worker today, not just in the bible days. I always accepted that even if He didn’t heal me from my heart condition, His sacrifice on the cross was enough, but to walk in that healing. changed my life. I'm a new person; even nicer with my new heart (smile).

CS: What is the inspiration behind "For Better or For Worse"?

RJ: So many of us get into relationships and never consult God first and that is dangerous. An impulsive decision like that could cost one their life. I'm guilty of making independent decisions and crying later. I wanted to use the story line in the play to draw people to a God consciousness of His love and covenant with us. Even when we are unfaithful His love doesn’t waiver.

CS Do you identify with any of the characters in this play?

RJ: All I'm going say is “ Why do good girls like bad boys”.

CS: During your writing process are there any rituals i.e., praying, choosing a certain place to write, etc. that you engage in?

RJ: I wrote For Better or For Worse in a hotel room. I sometimes get this images that pop in my mind and I just start role playing the dialogue out loud as I'm walking down the street.

CS: As a female writer/director, what has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

RJ: My biggest challenge as a Director and Writer is finding the investment that I need for a Gospel Stage Play. So many people instruct me to “write something different” then come back. I could go on and on about how hard it is to get people to even pay for a ticket to a play. By the grace of God, we’ve been touring for 9 years and still going strong.

CS: What do you want your audiences to walk away with after seeing this play?


CS What is next on your list of things to accomplish?

RJ: I posted on face book the other day "In 2017 all I want to hear is Congratulations. " I want to see my stage play on Off Broadway… I want to work on my Movie & Book


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