Based on Romans 6:16 which reads, "Don’t you know that if you present yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, then, of the one whom you are obeying, you are a slave - whether of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to being made righteous?", Lyn Richardson's "Sex His Way, although fused with plenty of sexual innuendos is about that and so much more.

The symbolism in this play, is impeccable. Preceded by a seductive dancer seemingly, floating throughout a darkened room wrapping each scene in sinful opportunities, the choices that are made or not made lay the groundwork for how each of the actors lives their life.

All of the actors are noteworthy but Brandi played by Janelle Jones was a standout, providing humor, great comedic timing and plenty of evil surprises, as well as Marcus Jones who plays Scott the waiter who literally falls head over heels for Brandi.

The set was simple yet the perfect background for setting the tone of the show.

The play opens with the devil, deceptivel

y well dressed and handsome, boldly stating his evil purpose accompanied by 3 beautiful alluring women, (imps) who clearly represent the subtle, hypnotizing lure of evil that often lurks in the shadows of dimly lit rooms adorned with beautiful, seductive women/; their true intentions thinly veiled behind the provocative clothing, sensuous. rhythmic gyrations and beautiful smiles

As the play progresses, the subtle, often more palatable "in your face sins" are revealed. In the first scene the audience witnessed a distraught woman who is the victim of an unfaithful husband. She chooses to drown her sorrows in alcohol as opposed to dealing with the sin of adultery which is destroying her marriage, head on.

We encourage you to see the play which has loads of laughter, sexual innuendos and messages that will compel you to scrutinize your own choices in every aspect of your life. It also has enough twists, turns and surprises to keep you on the edge of your seat. In the words of Church Stars president Nicole Newman-Colter who was in attendance, "this play needs to be seen by the world."


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