After hearing that Trina Jeffrie a.k.a. Sis Cantalope had been nominated for the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Church Stars caught up with her to get her reaction to this news. She is being recognized for her volunteer services and all that she provides her community.

Trina noted that she was shocked and "initially didn't realize how prestigous this award is." She went on to say "I felt appreciated after putting my heart, soul and my whole life into what I do, this award will be a permanent part of history."

As the first documented Stand Up and Dressed Female Gospel Comedian,

Church Stars wanted to know what advice she would give to all the young girls who dream of being Gospel Comedians or any other profession that is deemed "unorthodox" for women. Ms. Jeffrie had a few tips to remember; "As a woman you automatically have at least four strikes against you; you're female, Christian, you don't curse and it's always assumed that you're not going to be funny if you don't curse. It's always going to be a boys' game and they will get the recognition first but SO WHAT! The honor is in not giving up; you're they're standing right there beside them. So always do your best and you will get your recognition too."

"What's Next" we asked the artist who has been instrumental in paving the way for women of faith in particular who have dedicated their lives to "tickling the soul". Trina told Church Stars that she wants to open a Faith Based School of the arts for women. She shared as a young comedian she was told she had to curse to be funny and was given assignments where passing or failing was contingent on whether or not she cursed. Jeffrie's goal is to make sure that no other girls have to be subjected to choosing between standing firm in their beliefs or compromising them for the sake of "making it."

She'd also like to be a guest on the Award Show, "Black Girls Rock"; not so much for the accolades but to expose the lies and misconceptions to young girls that have been told they can't be Christian and funny, or they won't be as funny if they hold on to their Christian values. Church Stars definitely agrees that Trina Jeffrie "ROCKS"! Congratulations on your nomination.


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