One may think the obvious when hearing about the celebrated, national gospel stage play

“Spare the Rod…Spoil the Child” for the first time. With its premier in our nation’s capital at the historical Lincoln Theatre, it has once again exceeded its name. On November 5, 2016, Dr. Mildred Summerville (playwright & executive producer) left this new market of supporters utterly amazed. Filled with some of the nation’s best gospel talent, “Spare the Rod…Spoil the Child” was a breath of fresh air for Washington D.C. natives. One participant shouted, “Black theater is back at the Lincoln Theatre, thank you Jesus”. Some of the most notable moments of the evening happened when Grammy award winning singer, Le’Andria Johnson graced the stage alongside Shawn & Rhonda Mclemore, Dr. Pauline Key, and Trina Jeffries/ Sis. Cantaloupe. These national artists’ coupled with their talented co-stars gave their all; their delivery evoked outbursts of laughter and tears, real tears!

The packed house gave a thunderous applause after “classical gospel” pianist; Dana Kristina-Joi Morgan performed an outstanding rendition of “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. With another one under their belt, Dr. Summerville and director James A. House could not be more proud of the outpouring of love from the D.C. community and those who continue to support this ongoing production.


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