Not only does he act, write, direct and produce his own theatre and film productions, this multi-faceted God-fearing man is called upon to direct so many productions a year it's hard to keep up with him. Vernon "Snoop" Robinson's resume is so impressive Church Stars had to pick the brain of urban theaters go-to man!

CS: Which of the many hats that you wear (actor, writer, producer director, stage designer, master sound technician) do you enjoy the most?

VR: Acting has always been my first love. I love the excitement of hearing the crowd engage with my character whether it's laughing or hating him. Acting helps me to release and become another person and sometimes hide behind any happiness or issues that I’m experiencing at that time.

CS: Your work ethic is admirable. Have you always been this dedicated?

VR: Dedication is a huge thing with me. Some people say they don’t give 100% to other peoples projects. I‘m the type of person that if I'm in, I’m all the way in. Your word is all you have in this business and if you can’t keep that it's best for you to just move on. So to answer the question yes, I have always been a dedicated person.

CS:What has been your biggest obstacle professionally and how did you overcome it?

VR: My biggest obstacle has been to get the right people on my team; people that have my back and who are as dedicated to me as I am to them. There has to be a mutual respect and dedication. Sometimes people think they can do this alone, but it always takes teamwork.

CS: How did it feel the first time you walked into a store and saw your movies on the shelves of one of the world's largest (if not THE largest) retailers?

VR: I was in disbelief, but excited at the same time. The biggest emotion was excitement. I had just directed a TV show that aired earlier that year, and then seeing my film in the store was almost too much to handle. I was truly honored and happy not only for me, but also to have given some others the opportunity to share in my excitement because of their involvement.

CS: What keeps you grounded and humble with all the notoriety, accolades and awards?

VR: Honestly I look at myself as someone that is just doing what they love and often wonder, "why does that make me different than the next person". I also believe sometimes I don’t realize the things I have actually accomplished because after each project, I'm on to the "NEXT".

CS: How do you identify "IT" factor in each cast member and then impel them to explore that?

VR: I usually see the "IT" factor in most of the people I work with. I simply have to learn and be able to understand their personalities, their limitations, and their characteristics.

CS: What has been the most pivotal time in your career and how?

VR: I would say when I sold out the stage play “She’s Not Our Sister” and then it got picked up by the GMC Network now called the Uplifting channel. This really showed me that sticking with your dream and believing in yourself anything can happen for the better.

CS: Since you are constantly working. How do you juggle so many projects at a time?

VR: This is probably one of the best questions yet. I’m able to do so with a supporting wife (Catherine Robinson) and daughter (Jordyn Brown­Robinson and an assistant (Andromeda Gilder), that keeps me sane. It defiantly can be tiresome but the love I have for the craft as well as my support team are what keep me going.

CS: Tell me about the stage play, "Frienemies". I know that you directed this play, but did you write it as well and what do you want the audience to walk away with?

VR: “Frienemies” is written, directed and produced by me. This show deals with real life situations that we all experience in some form or fashion. We all have business friends, personal friends, family members, and etc., who have hidden agendas that include harming or damaging what you have accomplished by hidden agendas. This show was written through years of experiences but not directly about the experiences. The way this show was written I was able to spotlight a lot of local/national talents in this production such as Starring Chrystale Wilson from the movie “Players Club” and reality tv show"From the Bottom Up" on Centric. Also Starring Raison Thompson, Alexandria Warfield, Abeni Jewel, Brandon Armstead and China Mitchell.

Special appearance by Kenny Garner, International Model/Actor, Andre

Terry, Judge Shequitta Kelly, Attorney Heath Harris, LeTitia Owens

Special Performance by Norris J and Hosted by Trina Jeffrie.

I would like to also thank my silent partner for working on this project with me.

CS: What do you want people to know about you, that they don't already.

VR: Most people don’t know that I am an author of a book “Do It Your Damn Self” How to put on a stage play. This book gives insight into the things I’ve experienced and have gone through in my years in the business. It’s a book to help lead you in a good direction to help put on a successful show


CS: If you could go where no man has ever gone (creatively), where would that be and why?


VR: I would have to say there are plenty of things I would like to step out and make happen but the only thing about the question you have asked I can actually say as an urban writer we have really step out of the box. Now it just takes me to do something

different from those that have already stepped out of the box.

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