"Stop worrying about what you can't control. I've got this."

Writer, producer, director Howard Bell recalls God saying after an unknown actress who had no acting experience filled in and received an overwhelming ovation. It was by far the most important scene witnessed by everyone there according to Bell.

"It was divine intervention that helped me not only write the script, but direct the movie as well. This experience ultimately changed my life and the cast's lives. Each actor was just the right fit for their part, including the children who were cast in the movie" states Bell.

After suffering with depression and being diagnosed with PTSD in 2012, Howard recalls an episode of drunken behavior his son witnessed that changed his life. He was so convicted that He promise God if he helped him write this movie (HAV Faith), he wouldn't drink anymore.

"Keeping my promise, I want audiences

to walk away knowing that God is in control and if you just have the faith of a mustard seed, you can tell a mountain to throw itself in the sea and it will be done. Nothing is impossible with God if you just have faith". says Bell.

"HAV FAITH" is slated to premiere Friday, August 26, 2016 in Nashville and Clarksville TN theaters.


Hamilton A. Vaughn a former promoter, better known as HAV, experiences a life changing incident that catapults him to the forefront of prominent Mission Church. There he meets an old friend Faith; as well as AJ, son of the retiring Bishop, who is less than pleased with the appointment of Hamilton and is determined to oust the new overseer no matter what the costs. Hav Faith is a modern day telling of the story of Joseph; where against all odds, obstacles and over-zealous evildoers; we should always Hav Faith in the Most High God to bring us out.

Director: Howard Bell IV

Writer: Howard Bell IV

Stars: Gary Anthony Sturgis, Santiago Cirilo, Terron Brooks see full cast


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