Comedian, actor, writer and producer Akintunde recently launched Rebirth TV, the digital home for the Urban Faith Family genre (UFF) this year as an on-demand, pay-per view platform but will add Roku, Androoid, Apple TV and IOS to its platform in the coming months. He graciously agreed to let us know what we can expect from this new venture and to pique our interest with news about a couple of upcoming projects.

The vision behind Rebirth TV is to provide quality faith-based entertainment that rivals secular entertainment in quality without compromising Christian values.

Rebirth TV can be accessed via the REBIRTH OF COMEDY website REBIRTHTV.COM and can be seen on any device that will stream internet content, i.e, cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.. Viewers will have 24hrs/ 7 days per week access to stand-up comedy specials, both scripted and unscripted comedy series, and an original, hour long drama series that is also being developed.

Mr. Akintunde also stated that "We were deliberate to make sure that Rebirth TV is extremely high quality content. Over the next few months, we will deliver 3 more comedy specials of Comedians Nikita B., Marc Henderson and Mike Goodwin. "

Currently, he is on yet, another leg of the Rebirth of Comedy Tour featuring the Search for the One 2016 winner, Comedian Joel Byars and he is working on Taft Watson, a feature length film on the life of Coach Taft Watson, the winningest Coach in South Carolina history, who won this title at the age of 74. Also, look for Akintunde who will star in Hav Faith, A Modern Day Story of Joseph, which begins its theatrical release on August 26, 2016.

When Church Stars posed the question, " If you could go where no man has ever gone (creatively) where would would that be and why"? Comedian Akintunde replied, " We would demonstrate faith in media without restraint, in comedy, drama, and even science fiction. We would do for the faith based movie genre what George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg did for Sci-Fi". And we understood exactly how he is so driven.


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