We recently caught up with Nicole Newman Colter, President of July Six Entertainment on the last day of the El Bethel Youth Theatre Camp where she was enlisted as a guest instructor.

The engaging Newman-Colter appeared quite comfortable with the approximately 30 energetic children ranging in ages from 5 to 15. But then she has a long history of working with children dating back her younger years when when she was the creative force behind The Daughters of Miriam. A dance troupe at her church, which still thrives today to her theatre work with schools in her native Phoenix, AZ. Nicole, like her mother has always had a heart for children.


CS: As a busy wife and mother of 3 children, President and CEO of July Six Entertainment, the parent company of O-Live! Theatre and Church Stars Network, how did you find time to be the guest instructor for this Theatre Camp, and more importantly why did you decide to take the time for this project?

NC: I made time because I felt it was important to give back. And I loved every moment of it!

CS: What did you initially hope to accomplish with the Theatre Camp and do you feel you achieved that goal?

NC: Yes, I did. I wanted to introduce them to different aspects of theatre. But more than that, I really wanted each child to know that they are capable of doing anything and that they have many gifts that may not have been tapped into yet. I really feel that I reached most of the children and was able to bring out the best they had to offer.

CS: How many children participated?

NC: 28

CS: Did you do any scouting during the Camp?

NC: I did, however the Camp was 3 weeks/3x per week. And although they did exceptionally well for such a short time, at that age, and with all the material we covered, these young novices need more..time and coaching.

CS: What aspects of Theatre did you cover?

NC: Basic drama, learning games, building ensembles, sensory awareness, focus, concentration & memory, movement, vocal projection & techniques, improv, basic storytelling & development

CS: What was your biggest challenge?

NC: The acting part of it. Had time permitted, I would have worked on the difference between TV & Live Theatre

CS: What was the highlight of the Camp?

NC: A performance which was attended by family and friends. The children performed a dance routine that was choreographed by 3 of the older ones, acted in commercials that were created by the children, demonstrated emoting feelings, acted out fairytale scenarios in groups of 4 or more, which as a whole told a story

CS: In one word, describe the experience.


CS: Will you take this Theatre Camp on the road or do it as a yearly event?

NC: If time permits. I would love to but I am extremely busy, so we will see.

I'm sure these children and any other children would greatly benefit from the talents and expertise of Nicole Newman-Colter.


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