Although he makes us laugh and keeps our spirits uplifted. Kevin Fredericks ministers in one of the most effective ways we have ever seen for this generation. His "keep it real, tell it like it is" style resonates in the hearts of a generation many consider hard to reach.

Testimony after testimony, many tell of how Kevin's Pericopes have changed their lives. As you watch his funny and insightful scopes, one can't help but also see the anointing and the call on his life to reach the masses. His topics open eyes, provoke life changing thoughts and ultimately spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their own way.

Becoming an internet sensation as part of the The Playmakers (a Comedy Group widely known in the Gospel world for their funny takes on what really happens in church), Kevin is a mover and a shaker.

As Head of Unscripted Content for Russell Simmons' All Def Digital or (ADD)DD Kevin helped elevate it to the leading multi-platform media company for millennials focusing on urban youth culture through premium video programming across comedy, music, lifestyle and topical and timely social commentary. Kevin also wrote and produced his first feature film "The Family Exchange" starring his son Zay Zay.

We can't wait to witness the ever unfolding blessings God has in store for Kevin!

Be sure to follow him @KevOnStage as his weekly Periscopes are changing lives daily.

Check out this video entitled:

Great Sex Aint Gonna Keep Your Marriage

Here's a little bit from Kevin's bio:

Kevin was born in El Paso, Texas in his grandmother’s bed – talk about making an entrance! His comedic genius was derived from growing up in the Fredericks household where you had to be funny to stay in the living room with the grown folks. His infectious personality was honed by traveling the U.S. in a military family.


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