Anglea Burgin-Logan's Movie "Breathe" is Changing Lives!

There are some medical conditions and diseases that are considered "silent killers" that we don't hear about until someone dies as a result of it. Medical website, recently mentioned an inspirational film released in 2012 called "Breathe" (starring Jazmin Lewis and Samson Logan), that was created for this reason. It's based on the story of Logan's wife, Angela, who developed pre-eclampsia or eclampsia when she was pregnant with their child. The story was centered on her belief that was something wrong with her body but she had to fight in order to get anyone to listen to her.

Some of the symptoms that were mentioned were elevated blood pressure, rapid weight gain and the decrease in the ability to breathe comfortably.

Even with all of the obstacles, she was determined to find out what was going on with her health. She had to protect her life as well, as the child that was forming in her. If more people tell stories about rare conditions and their symptoms, this will help with raising awareness of the disorders, as well as others, that can be easily mistaken for something minor. Which can result in more people being diagnosed earlier, as well as more lives can be saved.

"Breathe" by Angela Burgin-Logan can be seen on Netflix.


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