New Levels Reveal New Devils | Rickey Smiley Shares His Testimony

Not only does Ricky Smiley give good practical lessons and information for all us, he attests to the goodness of God and how much He loves us as well as what our responsibilities are in all of this.

Listen to his testimony that begins with simply learning how changing our focus from all the negative in our lives to focusing on what God has restored and replaced as well the people who truly love us, encourage and build us up, as opposed to the "workers of iniquity" who make it their job to tear us down. In the words of Mr. Smiley, when God is trying to elevate us, "new levels, simply reveal new devils". But the Lord loves us and the He is our shepherd who takes care of us, so don't buy into the negativity.

While "If God be for you, who can be against you" is the underlying message for Mr. Smiley's empowering, life changing story, his sub-topic speaks of how change is inevitable,as we grow in God. Don't fear it, embrace it and let Him take you higher. He will restore everything that the enemy has taken; from family members that pass away to friends who are envious, jealous and simply don't mean us any good.


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