Lexi Allen's "Ghetto Betwitched" Keeps Us Laughing!

Bewitched Part 3

While full of laughter, Bewitched 3 speaks loudly to insecurities and the choices some people make to use inuendos and outright rudeness to mask their fear, self loathing, jealousy and or anger.

Shaquisha & her husband Darrell, entertain his manager and wife in hopes of securing a promotion. Upon entering their home Mr Richardson, Darrell's boss is captivated by the beauty of Shaquisha and can hardly contain his gushing compliments. Shaquisha tries unsuccessfully to divert the attention to his wife and only manages to elicit, daggers and insults from her..

Initially, Mrs Richardson is subtle with her rude criticisms and attempts to diminish her hostess. But after she refers to the furnishings as thrifty, Shaquisha is at her wits end. She excuses herself briefly to go upstairs, call her cousin. Suga and vent.

Suga initially made some rather "unusual" suggestions regarding what Shaquisha should do to the Mrs, which she promptly refuses. But at the snap of 2 fingers, Suga, switches places with Shaquisha and the fun begins.....You don't want to miss this hilarious, comedic drama.


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