Clutch the Pearls "Saints & Sinners" is Juicy Primetime TV!

Deception, Jealousy, Position, Greed, Lust, Drama, Family, Friends, and Faith

Saints & Sinners on BOUNCE TV started off with a BANG ! It immediately draws you in with relatable characters and a story full of many twists and turns which makes for great TV. Episode one opens with a flashback to an evening where a young man, Jabari (J. D. Williams) whose rash judgement affects his friend’s lives forever and still plagues him in the present. Fast forward to today with the sound of the choirs voices raised towards heaven, and Pastor Evan (Richard Lawson) confessing to the church on how the Lord pulled him from darkness into God’s marvelous light, but still struggling with his demons that could cost him his ministry, family and his life. Pastor’s wife Lady Ella (Vanessa Bell Calloway) is on woman on a mission with big ambition, and willing to anything to claim her victory. The pastor’s daughter Dr. Christie (Jasmine Burke) the “good girl” is just existing but concealing many secrets that could jeopardies her career and romantic relationships. The prodigal son Levi (Christian Keys) has returned home from New York, but still plagued by a dark cloud threatening to snatch him back. The minister of music Miles (Keith Robinson) aka pulpit playboy singing and charming his way into many hearts but still left feeling jealous and envious of those he feels aren’t as deserving. Saints & Sinners sheds light on how the sins of the world creep into the House of the Lord and can devastate and potentially annihilate the people of God. This show give truth and honesty on how we are living in a world where even the church can be corrupted for appearances sake, but also how we need to look to God even more for direction. For those who grew up in the church you may find yourself in all the mini stories and entwined characterizations that make this a juicy drama. If you’re for looking for a primetime griping, gutsy, in your face, with excellent monologue then tune into BOUNCE TV for Saints & Sinners, you won’t be disappointed.


Vanessa Bell Calloway as Lady Ella Johnson

Gloria Reuben as the Mayor Pamela Clayborne

Christian Keyes as Levi Sterling

Jasmine Burke as Dr. Christie Johnson

Clifton Powell as Rex Fisher (Loan Shark Mercenary)

Keith Robinson as Miles Calloway

J. D. Williams as Jabari Morris.

Reoccurring Cast

Afemo Omilami as Det. Noah St. Charles

Dawn Halfkenny as Angela

Kendrick Cross as Ben Truman

Chris Gann as Travis Ford

Sarafina King Rachel

Maria Howell as Lt. Hawkins

Tony Vaughn as Vernon

Richard Lawson as Pastor Evan Johnson

Summer Parker as Savannah


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