In just 16 short years, Nicole Newman-Colter has solidified herself in a male dominated industry as a respected playwright in the gospel community. Producer, savvy business woman and accomplished playwright are just a few titles of recognition given to her for professional achievement. Yet what ignites her creative juices and further defines her life purpose is the spreading of God's Word through the launch of "Church Stars".

"The gospel music industry has so much to offer the church community, however those of us in the theatrical arts have had to seek secular outlets." she explained during a recent interview. After submitting and contacting several secular companies and producers, Nicole finally got a "YES" only to find out the network channel was cancelled before she got the chance to start. "I was so down in the dumps and depressed, but after remembering a vision talk with my brother, I heard the voi​ce of the Lord unction me to start my own network". July 6, 2015 Nicole started Church Stars. In just 3 months, Church Stars has over 100 videos, 5000 subscribers, and over 500,000 views collectively. Nicole states "There are so many of us gospel film producers, playwrights and comedians living in our different cities creating faith-based and God-centered entertainment for our communities."

As the CEO of O-Live! Theatre Group, which Nicole founded in 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona, she's written and directed several plays, produced two documentaries, Latter Days sitcom, and most recently created two new shows exclusively for the new network in collaboration with fellow Church Stars members Steve Ward and Fred Thomas. Convention Court with Bishop Buckey and Faith Cutz will premiere Thanksgiving Day 2015.

Church Stars Network is a newsmagazine, reporting news, events, interviews, behind-the-scenes first looks, and entertainment stories from Gospel and Faith-Based television, films, stage plays, comedy and digital tv. Church Stars also features a digital tv channel on Youtube where producers, playwrights and comedians join together in one place to feature their videos. Our mission is to shine the light on the Church Stars in the gospel and faith based community, motivating, uplifting and encouraging our followers everywhere!



Since 2015 Church Stars is the first faith-based platform dedicated to Christian arts and entertainers shining the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ through local and national entertainment. 


Our online news magazine keeps up with the latest news, events, interviews, behind-the-scenes first looks, and entertainment stories pertaining to:  Faith-based films, stage plays, comedy, actors, fashion, playwrights, digital tv, web series, viral videos, and production staff.


We also feature a yearly Awards Show and a Digital TV Channel on Youtube where we join together in one place to feature Christian entertainment videos. 

Our mission is to shine the light on the stars in the church community, motivating, uplifting and encouraging Christian performing artists everywhere!

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