Audiences were first introduced to Tony Grant in Tyler Perry's "Madea Gets a Job", Andre Pitre in David Talbert's "Love in The Nick of Tyme" and Billboard Recording Artist Samson Logan in the NAACP awarding winning play "Whatever She Wants". Grant, Pitre and Logan chat with Church Stars about their latest roles in Evelyn Jones-Reed's Creeps and Silly Women The Play.

CHURCH STARS: Mr. Grant, tell us a little bit about the character you play in Evelyn Jones-Reed's Creeps & Silly Women?

Tony Grant: I'm the good guy who looks to be down but somehow still I rise. The play is fantastic because it shows just how imperfect we are as humans and how the enemy can orchestrate our destruction once we let him in.

CHURCH STARS: How do you prepare for a role? Do you have any backstage rituals.

Tony Grant: I use the mirror to study and learn my lines and backstage I air box to get ready for the show. I also pray to God to not allow anything I've said, thought or done to hinder his people from being Blessed and receiving the message he has set forth.

CHURCH STARS: What advice would you give aspiring actors, especially coming from the church community?

Tony Grant: Never ever compromise your lifestyle and beliefs. Seek God and make sure this is an area he would want you to be in. Count the cost and read as much information about your craft as possible.

We also caught up with the talented Andre Pitre and asked him a few questions:

CHURCH STARS: What is it like working with playwright E​velyn Jones-Reed and the cast?

Andre Pitre: This is my 2nd time working with Mrs. Reed and like I tell her all the time this is one of the best experiences I've had working on such a great production. I love the cast and it's such a peaceful and fun environment. I was called by Mrs Reed to do this play 2 years ago and I was so impressed on how she handled things that I told her I'm there for her no matter what.

CHURCH STARS: What kind of experience will this be for the people attending the play?

Andre Pitre:

This is a MUST SEE PRODUCTION so spread the word and come out and be touched. I'm looking forward to taking this ministry WORLD WIDE, this is definitely something the world needs to see. So come out and enjoy this AMAZING SHOW.

In addition to these two amazing actors, joining the production is Billboard recording Artist and NAACP award winning "Whatever She Wants" Star Samson Logan, adding a bit of spiciness , sourness and sweetness as the sexy bad boy you love to hate.


Tell us a little bit about your character in this production?

Samson Logan: One word….CRAZY. He is out of control, when Mrs. Reed sent me the script I was hooked. My character is not me, so I enjoyed the stretch of playing someone else.

CHURCH STARS: What qualities do you look for when collaborating with other artist?

Samson Logan: Same work ethics, likeminded people who practice consistently. If you have a passion for something….go for it. Surround yourself with people that are doing what you are doing. Life is too short!

CHURCH STARS: What is your proudest achievement?

Samson Logan: Booking my first major tour with David E Talbert’s play “Love In The Nick of Tyme,” starring Morris Chestnut. The tour was very successful.

CHURCH STARS: What is it like working with Evelyn?

Samson Logan: Very nice and peaceful environment. That’s why I’m doing it again. Can’t wait to hit the stage October 31.

Lucky for those of you who live in Dallas, Texas, this exciting play is one to look forward to. Get your tickets and mark your calendar!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Creeps and Silly Women The Stage Play

Music Hall of Fair Park

909 1st Avenue

Dallas Texas 7521

Tickets: (817) 368-4839 - (817) 888-1219 - (972) 741-8131



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