Dining Out With Comedienne Joy Premieres on ABC & The CW

ABC 33|40 and The CW affiliate stations in Birmingham are ready to taste it up with video food blogger Cassandra King. Dining Out with Comedienne Joy, which premiered January 2 & 3, is made up of 30-minute segments highlighting local restaurants, food trucks and Alabama-made products in the central Alabama area.

When Church Stars creator Nicole Newman-Colter and host of CSN's Artist-2-Artist heard the news of Joy's dream come true, plans are already in the works for Newman-Colter to travel to Birmingham for a behind the scenes look and sit-down interview on Joy's newest accomplishment. Until then, we caught up with Joy the day after her premiere to ask some exciting questions:

CHURCH STARS: As Christians in ministry, the road to success outside the four walls of the church isn’t easy. We have to work, study, sharpen our skills, and go after opportunities to stay afloat in our crafts. When the answer to this pray and dream of having your own television show on two major networks came, share with us what that moment felt like when you were finally alone with God?

COMEDIENNE JOY: I was having dinner with a friend who actually said make it a 30 minute show. I said whoaaa, I like it. OMG really? Then it was time to research airtime which is critical to my success. Why? If you own your own platform no one can tell you what to do. They can’t just cancel your show, but also with that you have to find investors, people willing to pay to keep it on air or use your own money. I had dreamed of having my own food show on Food Network, but didn’t know how they would find me. So after it premiered, tears rolled down my face at the viewing party as I thought, it is really on the air. I can’t believe it. Almost a week later, I’m still in awe. But the work is just beginning.

CHURCH STARS: When success comes, change comes, in what ways have you had to adapt?

COMEDIENNE JOY: Now, I’m rarely hungry! But because I shoot and edit my segments I get less sleep trying to make sure the story is compelling to make others continue to trust my tastebuds and support the restaurants I feature.

CHURCH STARS: Will your stand-up comedy take a backseat with your new schedule?

COMEDIENNE JOY: I am able to incorporate comedy in the show so I hope it will land me bigger opportunities.

CHURCH STARS: This kind of news for us who have been ministering through the arts in our perspective cities gives each of us hope. What word of advice would you give the Church Stars who are trying to land meetings or sponsors to help further their entertainment endeavors?

COMEDIENNE JOY: It’s a numbers game, it’s a faith game. So just keep God in remembrance of His word which I have to do daily. I’m growing in patience, so I have to remember in HIS time and stay focused on the dream and not what I see.

CHURCH STARS: Dining Out With Comedienne Joy is one of the most popular shows on Church Stars Youtube Channel, what can we expect to see now that the show is on ABC & The CW?

COMEDIENNE JOY: I hope to feature unique foods like a bbq restaurant that serves pig ear sandwiches to the best food at the gas station to mom & pop who’s been on the corner with the raggedy screen door but the food is so good you forget about the door & the wife who has a mustache!

Dining Out With Comedienne Joy will air every Saturday on ABC 33/40 at 11 a.m. and every Sunday on CW 21 at 10:30 a.m.

Watch the show now on Joy's Blog.


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