Loads of Laughs & Life Lessons in Kevin Fredericks "The Family Exchange"



The straw that ultimately breaks the camels back is when, once again budget constraints determine that Zay and 2 other family members celebrate their birthdays together.  Everyone is partying and having fun, when Zay who has been busy sulking throughout the day, walks out on the party. 


Zay says his prayers before bed, once again asking God to let him have another family for just one day.   He awakens to the surprise of his life.  And several other surprises ensue which have you on the edge of your seat wondering, what happens next.


One of the best things about this movie is that both children and adults can relate.  Every kid thinks his/her parents are the meanest in the world.   And every parent has to deal with the shortsightedness, selfishness and perception that the grass is greener on the other side, shared by most children.  Some of the pranks Zay and his brother pull will remind everyone of things they did to "get back" at their parents.


Another great perk is how the film effortlessly provides boundless laughter, lessons and love for children and adults alike in under an hour, 


Overall, this an excellent movie and if you're looking to spend quality time with your family to teach and learn some valuable life lessons while sharing a load of laughs or to just curl up for a movie night alone, this is definitely the movie for you.


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