Writer, Director, Producer JASON FREDERICKS

DO NOT mistake the initial, laisez faire demeanor of Jason Fredericks for indifference. This producer, filmmaker and comic is a funny, entertaining genius, who has his finger on the pulse of everything "hot" in television, digital television and film. He seems to have the Midas touch, but it hasn't come without sacrifice, loss, gain and grinding like nobody's business.

Jason's roots are in the church which also served as the platform for his first opportunity to grace a stage. And he is still a God fearing man. But don't expect a run of the mill "saint" as his creative mind and personal experiences with "church folk" have often lead and continue today to take him down paths that often lack popularity and even acceptance in the church world. Jason along with many others simply believe that there is more than one way to win a soul and there is no harm in laughing at ourselves.

He started out singing at the beginning of evening church service and initially, had no dreams of becoming a professional comic. It was more organic than that, as his inherent comedic flair simply evolved from being a little church kid, laughing at and emulating the adults in service (different behaviors and types of dances done in the Pentecostal church) and being born into a "funny" fun loving family, to creating YouTube videos with his brother and their friend and more recently branching out to filmmaking.


His faith friendly shows don't include any swearing or vulgarity, but some church members can often be found "clutching their holy pearls", primarily because Jason and his team's comedic material often centers around the church and some of the hilariously funny activities of some of its members. The very things that entertained Jason as a child , continues to leave him and now the world, in stitches.

Jason, his brother, Kevin Fredericks and friend, Anthony Davis originally partnered with Producer Tracy Edmonds of Alright TV and BET Founder and business mogul, Bob Johnson with "The Playmakers YouTube videos". The popularity of those videos led to the development of "The Playmakers Show", which debuted on Alright TV. After the success of “The Playmakers Show”, Jason & Kevin Fredericks were featured on another Alright TV show called “My Take” another original idea from The Playmakers, which had great success.

These YouTube sensations , have now founded their own production company, "Changing Generation Productions". And "The Playmakers" have garnered some 55 million views to date. Jason, the business mind of the trio is also Head of Content for Just Digital TV and has also worked with award winning producer, Damon Lee, reality star, Laura Govan, and more recently business magnate, Russell Simmons. He also wrote and produced the web series, "Flawed" with his longtime business partner, Selwyn Roberts, CEO of iXhault.com, as Executive Producer.

When asked at the end of an interview with Church Stars CEO, Nicole Newman-Colter, "what advice would you give to up and coming artists?", Jason promptly answered, "Don't give up."

Jason, a family man, currently lives in Los Angeles CA with his wife, Tami of 10 years and their children.


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