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Gospel Stage Plays



Priest Tyaire Productions



Wilmington, DE





Priest Tyaire was inspired to start writing at a time when most would have withdrawn into bitterness and resentment. His beloved mother, Cynthia Cephas, was diagnosed with cancer in the early part of 2006. Priest wanted to honor his mother and pondered different ways to achieve this task. The Lord spoke very loud and clear, “Write a play.” His desire to tell his mother's story was so strong, that neither his lack of experience, nor the financial challenge would deter him. Armed with the payout from selling his SUV, he was able to finance his first stage play, The Tears of A Teenage Mother.

As an inexperienced writer and director, Priest purchased every Tyler Perry and David Talbert DVD on the shelf and began studying. Thanks to Google, he quickly figured out theater terminology. August 12-13, 2007, "The Tears of A Teenage Mother" debuted to two sold out audiences, but the most important person of all was not in the building. She was in a comfortable seat in heaven. The standing ovation that Priest received after each show was confirmation that he was finally operating in the gift that God gave him. From that moment on, Priest has yet to put down the wood grain ink pen his mother gave him. As he began honing his craft, he wrote, directed, and acted in another hit stage play, "Why Black Men Cheat". While receiving accolades on another successful show, he lost another parent to cancer. On May 20, 2009, his father, Henry Byrd joined his mother in heaven. Despite wanting to give up on his gift and even on life, he continued on his journey to become a successful playwright. He wrote and produced 5 additional plays including: "Why Women Cheat", "Why Men Cheat: A Married Man’s Story", "The Wrong Shade of Black", "Torn Between 2 Fathers", and "Mrs. Independent".  After a year long national tour with "Mrs. Independent", Priest took a short break to listen to what the Lord wanted him to do next.  In the back of his mind, he remembered the promise he made to his father that he would not quit.  In the fall of 2015 he got the inspiration to write his 8th play, "Momma’s Boy". As his birthday fell on Good Friday the next year, he knew this was a new beginning and a resurrection of the gift God flamed in his spirit. "Momma's Boy" debuted on June 24th in Wilmington, DE, Priest's home town. Soon after, "Momma's Boy"  began to flourish and  adapted into the newest current hit stage play "Momma's Baby Boy" which is a spin off of the iconic classic movie "Baby Boy". 

Priest is grateful to God for his gift of writing, acting, and directing.  Though the road gets hard, he continues to persevere and trust God. He submits his gift and surrenders himself to the work of the Lord and prays that God is glorified in all he puts his hands to do. With 9 years and 8 plays, Priest has shown how faith and hard work will never fail you when chasing your dreams.

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