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Eighteen years ago, this budding playwright began honing her creative and innovative skills by directing plays written by other artists. After realizing that putting her own *spin on those plays changed the artists* stories, she began writing producing and directing her own plays. Newman-Colter, a lifelong resident of Phoenix Arizona is one of the few women in the field of dramatic playwrights. She is responsible for: Katrina's House, Carol of Scrouge, Devil Came to Church One Sunday, Esther's Journey, Another Cinderella Story, Christmas for Joseph & Mary, Latter Days Sitcom, Oh the Saints Documentary, Summer Raine, Three Wisemen Tail, Watch Night The Stage Play, Faith Kutz, Sister Mary's House, The Bishop's Court, Nicole & Stacy's Diaries, CSN News and The Church Stars Awards Production., 

Newman-Colter is no newcomer to the performing arts as she is multi talented in music, dance and theater. Learning to play piano and organ at a young age, she became the church organist at age 12 and worked in that capacity until she was 27 years old. In high school, she was pianist for the school chorus all 4 years. As a teenager she started her own dance group The Daughter*s of Miriam in 1989, teaching ballet and modern dance. The group continues to thrive today. Also involved in her community, from ages 16-25 she served her local church as Youth Activity Director. Ultimately she was voted in by her peers on a regional level as Youth Activity Director for the Mountain States Council Youth of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and went on the serve on the national level in the same capacity. Becoming of age, she began to focus on theater and in 2000 she started the TGB Drama Theatre.  

This 43 year old visionary of Latin and African American descent, is one of the only female minority playwrights in her native Arizona. A performing arts aficionado, Newman-Colter soon realized that while her passion for the arts took her many interesting places, Phoenix's West Valley where she lives offered little if anything on the scale she experienced in her travels.

Currently, her lifelong dream of opening a performing arts theatre group is second only to her vision of diversifying the arts not only in Phoenix but all of Arizona. O-Live! Theatre promotes and encourage the presentation and creation of visual and performing arts. Nicole is also the president of the Church Stars Network.