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Gospel Stage Plays



KMW Productions


St. Louis, MO




If God tells her to, with no hesitation, she’s going to do it. Best known

as an extraordinary imminent playwright, Kyria M. Williams is a

woman who puts no limitations on God. As founder of KMW

Productions, Kyria is proof that whatever God calls you to do can

be accomplished with obedience, hard work, and persistence. Over

the last four years, Kyria, has created a buzz in the urban theater

industry locally, with her stage plays. After sitting under the

leadership of Pastor Raymond D. Horry of Ark of Safety Christian

Church in St. Louis, MO and being inspired by his teachings, Kyria

received direction from God to begin her writing career. Since then,

she went on to complete her very first full length play titled,

“Marriage Works If You Work It”, that previewed on stage in

September of 2014 alongside 9-time gospel recording artist,

Minister Kathy D. Horry, releasing a CD with the same title,

“Marriage Works, If, You Work It” with Kyria being co-writer on the title song. She also wrote a stage skit titled, "Love Changes Things" formerly titled, "There's A Right & Wrong Way to Love". Due to the success and its’ overwhelming request to bring it back to the stage, “Love Changes Things” toured locally for two years. Kyria’s latest project on stage is, “The Wakeup Call”, which made its debut in October of 2015. “The Wakeup Call” is a trailblazing production based on religion vs. relationship and is currently being adapted into a feature film. With a strong desire to give back to the community, Kyria currently works as the Drama Director for BreakDown St. Louis with a purpose to educate, equip, and empower teens to make positive life choices. Up next for Kyria is a production titled “Moving Forward” written by herself and Erica Ja’net, which will take place on Sunday, April 30, 2017. “Moving Forward” will focus on adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and has partnered with Moving Forward Ministries in honor of celebrating their 5-year anniversary. In the works is also the full stage play, “Marriage Works, if, You Work It”, which plans to make its debut in February of 2018 along with Kyria’s 1st book, titled, Are You His Good Thing. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her prince charming husband, Le’Conte “Trey” Williams and her two remarkable children, Sha’Kyra and Sharrod.

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