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Dr. Elaine earned her undergraduate degrees in Political Science, Social Science & Social Work at York University.  With many challenges but unrelentness faith in God she went on to graduate studies at the University of Toronto, where she completed her Masters in Social Work and a PhD in Sociology & Equity Studies.

A twenty year history in academic studies, Dr. Elaine merges her scholarly work with the Arts to tackle some difficult issues in her book and play. Her ground-breaking stage play is an adaptation of the chapter on "REAL TALK" which has become a timeless production that the church community and beyond have fully embraced.

What began as an inspirational book to unpack the shame, guilt, and pain experienced within the church pew has become a theatrical hit. The book and play introduces some fictitious characters like Minister Terry, Lydia, Humble Helen and the famed Bishop. These characters and more will keep you heckling, crying and even make you break out in a "praise". This play illumiates many themes of the book to highlight some real issues that Church Leaders, pew members, and whoever believes in faith can relate to on so many levels.

As a Professor, Speaker, Counsellor, Writer, Producer and Director, Dr. Elaine's scholarly but sensitive approach to church matters is a refreshing and inspiring approach to the relevance of faith in today's society. Don't miss out on this Book and Stage Play....Real Talk has begun!

Elaine lives in Toronto, with her husband and they have three children.