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President/Founder of the Dream Writing Productions Company

since 2013 when he founded the LLC is uniquely qualified to run

this project, which he has developed. He is a graduate of Sam

Houston State University with a Bachelor degree in Banking &

Financial Institutions and Human Resource Management with a

minor in Entrepreneurship & Business communications. His stage

and film exhibition includes serving as Treasurer, Creative Writer,

Director of Theater, and Vice President for Act One Organization

located at Sam Houston State University campus, the only urban

organization that brought live stage productions to the entire student

body and local community.


Domenique Smith wrote a short story titled Curse & David in year 2011 performed in front of an audience of 40 people. After receiving great reviews about Curse & David, Domenique then wrote, directed, and produced his first stage play later that year titled “Is My Love in The Wrong Place?” which hosted an audience of 350 people in the Lowman Student Center Theater at Sam Houston State University (SHSU); then the sequel “Is My Love in The Wrong Place Too?” hosted an audience of 375 in the Lowman Student Center Ballroom at Sam Houston State University. The student body at Sam Houston State University and Walker County media was definitely supporting Domenique Smith work and loved coming to the stage productions because they’re exciting, creative, entertaining, hilarious, motivating, and encouraging. 2012 Domenique Smith wrote, directed, and produced a spin-off stage play titled “Marry Me So I Know it’s Real” which hosted an audience over 415 people to see this hilarious drama filled story about a couple who are having relationship problems and calls on their families to help them sort things out. 2013, Domenique Smith wrote, directed, and produced his fifth stage production titled “If Looks Could Kill”, a suspenseful story full of scandal, lies, and murder; hosted an audience of 250 people in the Lowman Student Center Ballroom at Sam Houston State University.


Later that year Domenique Smith wrote, directed, and produced yet another sequel titled “Unfinished Business: If Looks Could Kill Part II” with a sold out crowd. Domenique actively continues to create new projects continuously captivating the student body and local community. 2014 Domenique Smith wrote, directed, and produced another stage production titled “The Surrogate”, which the audience were captivated by a heartfelt story surrounding a young couple who’s trying to conceive but is having a difficult time. Domenique Smith also wrote, directed, and produced his first gospel stage production titled “Overcoming Your Struggles”.


Recently, Dream Writing Productions produced their eight, stage production titled “Father Like Daughter” in Dallas, Texas at Friendship West Baptist Church. 2016, Dream Writing Productions, produced it’s anticipated drama-filled “What’s Your’s Mine” stage production in Garland, Texas; hosting several local playwrights and national playwrights. Furthermore, the planning never stops with Dream Writing Productions, we’re currently on track to produce our ninth stage production entitled “A Secret Lie in Love” partnering with self-published author Shawn Bottley featuring local radio host from K104, Dallas #1 Hip Hop Radio Station “Lady Jade”. Researching and studying for more knowledge of the theater arts and film world has drastically influence his creativity, interests, and has been invaluable in developing the conceptual ideas for Dream Writing Productions. He has been featured in several newspapers, interviewed by 90.5 The Kat, and featured on KSHU-7 in Huntsville, Texas. Receiving much respect and recognition at Sam Houston State University winning the first ever “Hill Harper – Young, Black, & Gifted” Award at the 2012 Legacy Gala; hosted by the National Pan-Hellenic Council. This will be utilized as a large aspect of the Dream Writing Productions for marketing, exhibition, and education.


DWP Description We are focused on providing a unique modern style of theater arts and films that relates to current provocative problems that people face in society today. We specialize in event planning and management as well as pre and post production operations for both live theater and film projects. DWP provides opportunities for internships, volunteer services, and upcoming actors/actresses to perform in the local community and other venues if touring. Our main focus is developing creative ideas, learning, and discovering your true passion. Our company believes in the basis of respect, fair treatment, and equal opportunity for everyone.


Since 2015 Church Stars is the first platform dedicated to gospel arts and entertainers shining the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ through local and national entertainment specifically through the theatrical arts. 


Our online news magazine keeps up with the latest news, events, interviews, behind-the-scenes first looks, and entertainment stories pertaining to:  Faith-based films, stage plays, comedy, actors, fashion, playwrights, digital tv, web series, viral videos, and production staff.


We also feature a yearly Awards Show and a Digital TV Channel on Youtube where we join together in one place to feature Christian entertainment videos. 

Our mission is to shine the light on the stars in the church community, motivating, uplifting and encouraging Christian performing artists everywhere!

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