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The Playmakers


Los Angeles, CA



Anthony Davis came out the womb making people laugh!! Born in Chicago, Illinois to David and Sharon Davis, he was a military brat until his father settled in and claimed Seattle, WA as their own. In his early years, with his only sibling sister as his co-star, Anthony wrote and stared in his own plays held in the backyard of their childhood home. Since before he can remember, church became his first platform to showcase his natural comedic ability through various plays, skits and just clowning around with his friends. Being a PK (preacher's kid) he was afforded a front row seat view into the lives of church goers, exposed to all the customs, traditions and practices we still see today, which later became the catalyst to his act. 

Growing up in church, he met Kevin and Jason Fredericks; the three of them would later establish the Playmakers. Together, they have written and produced 8 plays which have been performed all across the United States.

Since switching over to YouTube, they have amassed over 12+ million views with hilarious videos know as "Stuff Black Church Girls Say", "Stuff Black Parents Say" and "How to Shout in a Black Church". These are just a few of their biggest hits. In addition to being a part of these sensational viral YouTube videos, the Playmakers have also traveled to several cities throughout the U.S performing their 3-man comedy show highlighting their life as they saw it growing up in church. Anthony's goal is to bring clean comedy to families and create a Cosby-type movement within this generation.